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August 9, 2013

Trade Simulator

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August 9, 2013

What Everybody Ought to Know About Option Synthetics

Albert Einstein

Two definitions of the word “synthetic” are:

  • produced artificially
  • devised, arranged, or fabricated for special situations to imitate or replace usual realities

These definitions can describe “Synthetic Positions” in option trading. To understand synthetic option positions (or “synthetics”), we have to understand the basic relationship between puts and calls:

K + C = U + P + I – D

K = Strike Price
C = Call
U = Underlying stock price
P = Put
I = Interest
D = Dividends

For most situations, we can assume interest and dividends are small enough to ignore and we will simplify our equation to exclude them. However, there are situations where interest and dividends do affect this equation such as high interest rates, long time periods or large dividends for example.

Simplifying our equation, we now have

K + C = U + P

Since the strike price is arbitrary and a constant, let’s remove it from the equation to see what the relationship is between the Call, Put and Underlying security price boils down to:

C = U + P

Long is positive and short is negative. So we have

  • +C = Long Call
  • -C = Short Call
  • +P = Long Put
  • -P = Short Put
  • +U = Long Stock
  • -U = Short Stock

Jumping DogsThis simple equation let’s you derive the six synthetic relationships quite quickly. All you have to do is think back to your algebra class and solve what synthetic you need by putting that variable alone on one side and moving the rest to the other side of the equation. Remember, when moving from one side to the other of the equation (“jumping the fence as my 8th grade teach used to say”), you change the sign. So, we can now show the six basic relationships, solved using basic algebra. They are:

  1. Long Call = Long Stock + Long Put     (C = U + P)
  2. Short Call = Short Stock + Short Put     (-C = -U – P)
  3. Long Put = Long Call + Short Stock     (P = C – U)
  4. Short Put = Short Call + Long Stock     (-P = -C + U)
  5. Long Stock = Long Call + Short Put     (U = C – P)
  6. Short Stock = Short Call + Long Put     (-U = -C + P)

How can we use this knowledge?

Hedge an existing position.

Suppose you have a covered write on a stock but earnings are coming out and you’re worried the stock price might jump around a lot. Or you are going on vacation and don’t want to worry what the market is doing while you’re gone.

Since you know a covered write is identical to a short put synthetically, if you buy a long put, that should completely offset your covered write and completely hedge you while you go through earnings. No need to sell your stock and buy in your short call. Just buy a put. Here’s how that would look:

Long stock + Short Call vs Long Put vs Combination

Long stock + Short Call vs Long Put vs Combination

Notice how the blue line is completely flat. That’s the combined position of the long stock, short call and long put.

Reverse Market Directional Bias quickly

Suppose you are bullish on the market and have a Long Call. You change your mind and decide you should be bearish. If you sold your long call and bought long puts, you would have two commissions and two sets of slippage to deal with. Since we know a Long Put = Long Call + Short Stock, all we have to do is SHORT THE STOCK. This changes your position to a synthetic Long Put with one transaction.

This technique is also VERY useful in very fast market conditions. Option bid/ask spreads can really widen during fast markets so your fills closing your Long Call and buying your Long Put might really put you in a hole starting out. Since stocks are very liquid and have very tight bid/ask spreads normally, shorting the stock is a very useful tool to convert your Long Call position during a fast market.

Closing a position with illiquid options using a box
brown box
This happened to me trading 30 Year Treasury Bond futures options (ZB contract) last year. The bid/ask spread of the in-the-money options was really crazy. (Bid $4, Ask $6 for example). I had a profit in a position that had started out as a butterfly. I could close most of the position with good fills; however, I had some ITM options with very unfavorable bid/ask spreads. What did I do? I built a box!

I had these options I needed to close:

  • A long Put at 118 Strike
  • A long Call at the 113 strike

To create a riskless position, I did the opposite:

  • Short Call at the 118 Strike
  • Short Put at the 113 Strike

I ended up with:

  • A long Put + Short Call at the 118 strike = a synthetic Short Stock position
  • A Long Call + Short Put at the 113 strike = a synthetic Long Stock position
  • Which means I was synthetically Long AND Short the stock (which means there’s no risk left)

I hope you’ve seen how useful synthetic option positions can be. There’s more variations but as long as you understand the basic formula of

Long Call = Long Stock + Long Put

You can re-arrange the equation like in algebra class to put the one variable you need by itself and everything else on the other side of the equation to see what the synthetic is.

June 7, 2013

How to See Tracking URLs

I was wondering what websites I’m being tracked by when I click a link and I see multiple url’s whizzing by redirecting from one to the next to the next. To answer my question, I decided to record the sequence of URLs with video and go back and slowly advance the video scrubber to see what happened.

It works great!

Here’s a short video of how it works

To summarize

  • Copy the url you want to track
  • Make sure your browser is wide enough to see enough of each URL
  • Start a video recording (sound is not needed)
  • Paste the link in your web browser.
  • After the links stop re-directing, stop your recording
  • Review your recording and slowly go through it to see where your browser was

If you don’t want to actually set cookies etc in your browser, use a private browser window in Chrome or Firefox

November 20, 2012

Are You Throwing Money into a Sinkhole?

Do you ever feel trading is like throwing money into a sinkhole?  Over 90% of traders lose money and are supporting the 10% (or less) who can.  Many look for education or try to learn it on their own.  Many fail.  Few succeed.

I work for Dan Sheridan at Sheridan Options Mentoring where we teach people to trade options.  It’s been a fun job and I was one of Dan’s students in 2006.  I’ve learned a LOT.

I wish when I was a student, I had a place to park my cash while I was learning. 

I occasionally get requests for recommendations for managed accounts so people can either have their money grow hands off, or generate some cash while they learn to do it themselves.

But where do you put your money?

I have a few acquaintances that do this kind of thing.  Since I get asked this question enough, I decided to put it in a post so I can refer people to this page 🙂 (programmers are lazy eh?)

On my list, I’ve known the first four for years and the one in Australia is a friend of a close friend I’ve known for about 10-years.  They are all great traders and great money managers.  If you don’t want to trade yourself, you should talk to each one and make your own decision.

While I personally know each of the principles at these managed account firms, you’ll have to do your own due diligence.

Each of these firms has legitimate traders that are trading their own accounts and are taking managed clients (as far as I know).

Without further ado, here’s the list:

  • Firm #1: U.S. based hedge fund.  Must be an accredited investor.  $100k minimum?
  • Firm #2: U.S. based hedge fund
  • Firm #3: Limited to 15 clients for now.  Requires PM account at Interactive Brokers. The trader was written up in TASC magazine.
  • Firm #4: This is for Non-U.S. clients ONLY!  Based in Switzerland with a 180-year old private bank and VERY interesting account management platform.  I think they specialize in trading Forex but I don’t their exact offer. $50k minimum
    Contact Chris for more information
  • Firm #5: Australia residents only!  Pool of Forex traders with up to 13-year profitable track record. $10k minimum

I hope you found the list interesting.  If you know of any similar firms, let me know and I can add it to the list (if I like it and I am confident they are  of very high quality).