Tom Nunamaker in Southern France

Tom Nunamaker in Southern France

I’m Tom Nunamaker.  I have a wide variety of interests so I hope you find something we share in common.  Here’s a few of the things about me…

Allaire / Macromedia / Adobe Cold Fusion
I have been doing Adobe ColdFusion development since 1996. I’ve specialized in the Fusebox framework. My first domain has a few ColdFusion resources and some cool tools I’ve written. I’ve had an article published in the ColdFusion Developer’s Journal and put a few functions at www.cflib.org. I wrote a pretty useful user login/permission system that I have in use in several sites. I’ve been programming with ColdFusion since 1996 but I’ve been learning a bit of PHP as I do more work with WordPress. I started programming in 1974 and did lots of network administration while I was active duty in the US Air Force. I’ve had my own web hosting business since 1995 but I don’t advertise. It’s mainly friends of friends that I host.

PHP and Infusionsoft
I wrote my first Infusionsoft PHP API script the other day and I have to admit it was pretty fun to do. I’ve taken Jermain Grigg’s Automation Clinic courses and have some some of my own Infusionsoft API coding. I’m starting to migrate it to PHP and might throw together a collection of scripts for the Infusionsoft API.

I’m a relatively new Mac user (Since Dec 2009) and haven’t done any Mac programming. I’ve been using the Mac more for creative purposes (writing, video production, graphics, etc.). Since I’m not a training graphics professional, photoshop is dangerous when I’m at the controls. I enjoy learning it, but I admit I’ll never be an expert at it.

Internet Marketing
I’ve been learning a lot about internet marketing and building more effective websites in the past two years. I’ve taken several really interesting courses and have gotten to practice many of the things I’ve learned.

I was interested in the stock market growing up. In 1982 I had a class in College from a Market Maker who was at the CBOE. He tried to get me a job as a runner twice but we struck out. I ended up finishing my degree and joining the U.S. Air Force to fly.. eventually ending up as the permanent Major Tom. Around 2002 I started getting interested in Futures trading. I did that for several years and met a very brilliant fellow in Australia. He’s getting ready to release his FOREX trading software soon. This is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. It’s cutting edge. I’ve been working for Dan Sheridan (www.sheridanmentoring.com) for the past 4 years and was one of Dan’s students in 2006. I enjoy option trading but I refer option traders to Dan’s site as there’s lots of great content there for all levels of experience. I might cross-post a few articles for option trading with Dan’s permission.

I retired from active duty U.S. Air Force in 2005. I run a small military education site for Majors and Lt Colonels trying to get through their “Professional Military Education.” It’s a square filler but you need it to get promoted. I flew several aircraft in the military. Here’s my military biography.

My wife and I decided to stay in Europe (she’s from Belgium) after I retired from the US Air Force.  We live in South West Germany, about 30 minutes from the French border within a few minutes drive of Ramstein Air Base. I have a small site for the Ramstein area with local attractions. I look forward to getting to know you!