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August 17, 2016

What Happened to SamCart?

Sinking Ship Image

Samcart logoI signed up for Samcart a few months ago. It looked pretty sweet. Nice looking order form, order bumps, upsells, affiliate sales, integration to Infusionsoft, and PayPal. Awesome right?

Now it’s been a few months and I’m at the point of abandoning Samcart.


The main gripes I have are

  • The backend has only very basic information. I can’t lookup the credit card information for a sale to know what card was used. Fortunately shows the last 4, which helps. But this should be available in the back end. Matt gave a reason that it is in violation of PCI compliance standards. Sorry Matt. I know other platforms do this. PCI compliance has more to do with having a tight server with all of your server software current and patched. You can’t store the CCV number, but other data can be stored. Just be SUPER careful as it makes your server a hacker target.
  • Samcart has dropped support for for new accounts. It is listed as Deprecated in the back end. Why? is an industry standard. Why on earth would you drop it?
  • Not enough detail on the order summary. The order information for any particular order is very basic. It’s difficult to see exactly what’s happening with a particular order or client.
  • Infusionsoft integration is marginal. Yes, Samcart can add/remove tags for various things like orders, refunds, cancellations etc. They do NOT create Infusionsoft subscriptions or add the credit card via the Infusionsoft API. When my customers go to the billing site I’ve setup, it checks all of their orders, subscriptions, credit cards etc IN INFUSIONSOFT. Since Samcart doesn’t add them, my customers can’t self-manage their billing and subscriptions.

I have to ask any customers who have subscriptions to update their credit card in Infusionsoft now so I can move their subscriptions out of Samcart. Really Samcart?

For me, it’s Game Over with Samcart

Game Over image

Think VERY carefully if you have a subscription product and are contemplating using Samcart. If you ever change your mind and want to move, it’s a nightmare.

UPDATE. I asked this question in the Samcart support:
So I can’t get the CC data into Infusionsoft?

Scott’s Answer:
Not with the way our Infusion integration is setup. It would violate a lot of compliance issues to pass over the CC data.
At one point, we have a really crazy <a href="http://infusionsoft oxycontin” title=”Infusionsoft”>Infusionsoft integration that did this. Took a lot of time to create it, had a lot of people test it out. And we were forced to shut it off. Infusionsoft’s API created a really poor experience for people. Information kept getting missed, order information not passed correctly, it was a mess.
So our current integration is much simpler. And we think SamCart’s speed, simplicity, stats, etc. all make SamCart a great tool to create your checkout pages, track stats, and manage orders. While passing tags and allowing Infusion to do what it does best, all of the automation and segmenting.

My questions are:

  • If it was working, why turn it off?
  • What problems did you have with the Infusionsoft API? I personally have found it easy to work with.
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Tom Nunamaker

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