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June 2, 2011

The Google +1 Button Arrives

Google +1 button

Google recently released the +1 button.  I suppose facebook’s success with their “like” button can’t be ignored by Google.  Because it is Google, I would definitely add the +1 button to your own websites because you know Google is going to include +1 button data in their search algorithms.

What is the +1 button?

This is the Google +1 buttton description page for end users.  Google describes it as a button to say “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.”  Sounds like the facebook like button doesn’t it?

How do you put the +1 button on your thesis blog website? had a great post about adding a Google +1 button to your website.  They referenced a page in their user guide detailing the steps There was an error in the configurator link.  The correct url is

Here’s what the configuration tool looks like:

Google +1 button configuration tool

Note the “Advanced options”.

Google +1 Button Advanced options

The link to “More information on URLs and the +1 button” goes here.


Because this is from Google, I expect it to be widely deployed very quickly.  Google WILL consider this data in it’s search algorithms.  It’s good data for them to help figure out what page a search visitor is looking for.  I’d use it if I were Google.  You should too.

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Tom Nunamaker

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