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Tom Nunamaker

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Paul Wolfe - January 11, 2011 Reply


Well done for getting online! That’s your first big hurdle overcome!

Next one is to start blogging regularly.

I saw video production on your list – along with the description Stills with a Ken Burns effect or presentations in a video format. So many people create ‘videos’ like this and in my opinion it’s a very poor way to present information visually.

I’ve got some ideas on how to do this – and will be exploring them over at my blog over the next few months. So if video is something you are interested in, it may be worth while popping over from time to time and see how I’m getting on!


    Tom Nunamaker - January 11, 2011 Reply

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for posting! I have other sites but I’ve been meaning to get my personal site online for a few years!

    I took Andy Jenkins course “The Video Boss” last year and I agree that Ken Burns effects only go so far. I have a really nice camera but it’s stills only (Canon 1Ds Mk III) but I’m planning on a 5D Mk III when they are released 馃檪 Until I get a video camera, I’ll have to stick to stills + powerpoint/keynote videos i think. I’d love to see what your thoughts are. My son is a film scoring major so music shouldn’t be a problem 馃檪


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