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January 18, 2011

Cool Commenting Policy

So I wandered over to Paul Wolfe’s Blog with his New Commenting Policy and I loved it right away! So what is it?

ElectricityIt’s a great idea that if you make a thoughtful post on my website, I’ll reply, and visit your website and post a comment on your website!

It’s a universal principle of influence: Reciprocity. [full length version] Dr. Robert Cialdini describes this in a fantastic speech at Stanford. The basic idea is we have a social obligation in our society to give back to someone if they give something to you.

This could take up some time when/if I have lots and lots of comments, but I’ll try to keep up as long as possible!

I look forward to hearing from you and putting this cool commenting policy into practice!

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Tom Nunamaker

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Paul Wolfe - January 18, 2011 Reply

Hey Tom

Glad you like it! It does take some time to implement – but it’s worth it. It helps you create relationships, it exposes you to other bloggers and writers that otherwise you wouldn’t come across, and it brings readers to your blog.

I don’t envisage doing it for ever – but it’s a great strategy to help launch a new blog!
Enjoy it!


Tom Nunamaker - January 18, 2011 Reply

Thanks Paul for the encouragement! I agree there will reach a point when it won’t be feasible to do, but I think that time is a long way off 馃檪

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