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Category Archives for "Software"

December 15, 2015

How to Capture IP Address in an Infusionsoft Hosted Web Form

Infusionsoft is an amazing platform, but it has occasional roadblocks to doing certain things. One of these little things is capturing a visitor’s IP address on an Infusionsoft hosted web form.

I think this should be baked into the application. However, we have the ability to work around it using Javascript. Thanks to a service at this procedure is pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Create a custom field to hold the IP address

Go to Admin > Settings

Admin > Settings Image

Click on the “Go” button to modify the Contact custom fields

Custom Fields Contact Image

Now add the custom field

Add Custom Field Image

  1. Click the “Add” button for a field
  2. Type in “IPaddress”
  3. Set the field type to “Text”
  4. Click the “Save this Field” button

Step 2: Edit the Web Form in Campaign Builder

Double Click on the Web Form Icon to edit the form
Open Web Form Image


Add a “Hidden” Field Snippet to your form
Drag hidden field snippet to form image


Select the “IPaddress” field and click the “Save” button


Step 3: Lookup the Form Field ID and edit the code to work with your form

Look on the “Code” tab and load the hosted web form. We need to find the form field id to target it with Javascript.
Open Hosted Web Form Image


Right click and select “View Page Source” (Chrome)
View Page Source Image


Search for “IPaddress” to find the form field’s id.
– Save this id value.
– Note the underscore in front of it.
  – The id is case sensitive!

Form id for ipaddress field image

Add your IPaddress form field id to this code. 

<script type=”text/javascript”>var userip;</script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
document.getElementById(‘***YOUR-FORM-FIELD-ID-GOES-HERE***‘).value = userip;

For example:

<script type=”text/javascript”>var userip;</script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>
document.getElementById(‘_IPaddress‘).value = userip;

NOTE: This is case sensitive and you MUST include the leading underscore!!


Step 4: Insert your code in the Web Form

Go back to your Infusionsoft Web Form and add an HTML Snippet to your form

HTML snippet Image


After you release your mouse, paste the code with your form ID
Paste your code in image


Step 5: Publish the form and test that it works

Publish your campaign, then reload the form, submit it and check that the contact record has the IP address field populated
IP address recorded in contact record image


That’s it!

I used this same idea to capture IP address data in a clickfunnels form that submits to Infusionsoft.

After you have the contact’s IP address, you can lookup the location at

I still wish Infusionsoft had a built in way to add IP address to a form field, but until they do, we have a workaround.

August 9, 2013

Trade Simulator

I’ve coded a trade simulator for you at  http://www.toshop go to these   The trade simulator works for any trading system including stocks, futures, currencies and options.  All you need are your win and loss percentages, average profit, average loss and slippage rates.  You can then simulate how these numbers would perform over time.

The trade simulator takes your system parameters and performs random trades and applies your numbers to them.  The result is a simulated performance result of how those trades did.  I find it very instructive to look at the equity chart to see if the equity growth is smooth (ideal) or choppy.  Choppy curves normally mean the results have draw downs.   The bigger the dip, the bigger the draw down.

You can see the exact draw down on the numbers on the right.  I typically like to see these numbers VERY low.  10% of less is my threshold.

The other piece of data I look at is the Probability of Ruin.  I want that as close to 0.0000% as possible.

There are two modes you can use

The first mode is for single trials.  This mode shows more complete data for the trial.  You will see a moving average on the chart.  This shows what the average equity is.  You want this to keep going up.  One technique for managing ANY trading system is to plot a moving average of your equity.  If the equity falls below this moving average, switch to paper trading the system until the equity is above the moving average.  This will get you out of a system that is not performing very quickly and get you back in when it starts making money again!

The second mode lets you do multiple tests.  For example, instead of doing one test for 1000 trades, you can do 10 tests of 100 trades.  This mode plots the minimum and maximum equity and an average of all tests.  For these tests, I want to make sure the minimum values all had a good growth curve.  The tighter the lines are together, the less variation a system has, which is a desirable situation.


TradeToolA  TradeToolB


I hope you enjoy using the trade simulator.  It’s a good sanity check to see if your trading system numbers make sense or not!

February 11, 2012

Thesis 1.8.3, GoWebBaby and UberMenu

Trying to Get Back to the Forest – Image from

I’ve been waiting for Thesis 2.0 to be released, just like many of you, for quite some time.  Chris Pearson finally had a great update post and announced Thesis 1.8.3 was being released!

Yeah!  I always like seeing what new toys I have to play with.

Naturally I couldn’t wait

I’ve already installed thesis 1.8.3 on a few site I manage.  Overall the experience has been excellent.  Thesis is pretty easy to upgrade as long as you DO NOT MODIFY THE CORE FILES!

OK.. now I’m upset…

GoWebBaby did the design and thesis implementation for  I really like their design but their Thesis implementation was … how shall I say it???  Non-standard?

I didn’t realize it at first, but they Modified the Thesis core files!

Why would they do that?  (I actually have stronger words but I’m restraining myself now… calm down..)

I asked them for a list of core file changes they made so they sent me a list of two or three things.  Not TOO bad, but still just isn’t the right way to create a Thesis site.

After a little digging, I found about 5 other core files they modified.   GRRRRRRRRRR.

After a few hours of repair coding, I’m down to one or two core file changes I have to think about how to implement.  I’ll get there but I’m still P.O.’d I have to do this at all.

For the time being, I’m holding off on upgrading to Thesis 1.8.3 until I solve the final pieces and correctly customize thesis totally in the /custom folder.

Let’s talk about UberMenu now.

I found UberMenu on CodeCanyon and it’s pretty awesome.  My son is a composer and building a website for sound effects (  Spencer wanted some pretty cool menus and I bought UberMenu for him.  What’s a dad for? 🙂

UberMenu looks pretty sweet.  However, when I upgraded to Thesis 1.8.3 it totally died.  I wrote to the developer of UberMenu in hopes he has an Uber-Simple way to fix the upgrade problem.

Bottom line: If you use UberMenu and Thesis 1.8.2 or earlier, hold off on upgrading to 1.8.3 until this issue is resolved!

I’m sure it’s probably something easy like deactivating the plugin and reactivating it, but I don’t want to mess up Spencer’s menus to test it…but I do have a good backup.. hmm…. something to try!

OK.. back to fixing GoWebBaby’s induced Thesis problems…..

October 18, 2011

Telestream Episode 6 – FINALLY Works with Mac OS X Lion

Picture of a lionAfter I upgraded to Mac OS X Lion several months ago, I was overall pretty happy. The one program that seems to have taken forever to update has been Telestream’s Episode 6.  Episode does video transcoding but it’s the best one I’ve seen.  I’m not a video production professional so Episode has many features I don’t use; however, it’s very intuitive and pretty fast.  But it didn’t work with Lion… until now!

I just received an email from Telestream

The new version is Episode 6.2.  You can’t upgrade it from Lion because previous versions crash Lion.  You have to download it from Telestream and install it.  Grab your Telestream login and go here to download the new version:

I normally don’t write about software updates but I know a lot of people are waiting for this, including me!

Here’s what the installation looked like

So far so good.  The installer opened.

Episode Package Installer Screen shot

Double clicking on the package installer works fine. Here’s the Introduction page of the installer.

Episode Installer

I need 204.2 MB of hard disk space. No problem. I just replaced my iMac’s drive with a 2TB drive.. hehe.

Episode Installer disk usage

Yippee! I’ve been waiting to see this for months. It’s installed, but will it work and not crash? Let’s find out.

Episode Installer completed

It works! Here’s the About dialog box. It’s nice to see my old friend working again.

Episode 6.2 About dialog box

I think Episode wins the prize for the software taking the longest to get Lion compliant. I didn’t mind too much as I used Handbrake while I waited for Episode. Now that Episode is back, I’ll have to compare it to Handbrake… but that’s another article for another day!

If you haven’t tried Episode yet, take a look at it. It’s really amazing software for transcoding video to distribution formats like MP4.