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Category Archives for "Marketing"

Everything related to marketing

May 26, 2011

The Video Boss is Back! Andy Jenkins Does it Again!

I bought the Video Boss last year, among a lot of other training programs. Of all of the products I purchased to get myself up to speed on internet marketing, Andy’s The Video Boss was the absolute best money I spent all year!  Hands down!

Who is Andy Jenkins?

Andy is a emmy winning film-kinda-guy and really knows his stuff.  Don’t believe me?  Check the credits on the Blair Witch Project and see who produced it!

This year, Andy is re-launching the Video Boss and I just saw the first video.

It’s so cool

You can tell Andy worked in the film industry. He’s a master! I won’t spoil this one for you..but trust me,


Click on my cleverly disguised affiliate link to watch the Video Boss introduction video.

You won’t regret it!!!


Screen shot from Andy’s intro video

The Video Boss


Boss-man Andy at the beach making  cool sounds! hehe

The Video Boss


Andy getting all serious and running out of jokes

The Video Boss


Andy’s surfing buddy Frank Kern and his cuzin Trey telling you what happens if you don’t opt-in

The Video Boss


Did I say you HAVE to WATCH this video?

Do it now before you forget!  You won’t regret it…